I started my podcast “Learn Educate Discover” back in 2015.

I was looking to switch jobs at the time, and was trying to understand what job / function to switch to. I knew I wanted to work in Tech, but there were so many roles I heard about that I had absolutely no idea about – Business Development, Sales Operations, Customer Success, Product Marketing….the list goes on. I couldn’t find comprehensive information online that would give me a good idea about a particular job – the best way to learn about any job was always to talk to someone who was doing that job already. And it wasn’t always easy to find someone whom I knew and could reach out to.

And that’s how Learn Educate Discover was born. Through my podcast, my vision it to recreate the casual coffee chat that many of us would have, when we reach out to someone and try to understand what they do in detail – What is a typical day like? What are the interesting aspects of their job? What are the challenges? What kind of stressful situations do they face? What kind of person would do well in that job?

Each episode of LED has a discussion with someone from a particular profession – the goal being that someone listening should be able to get an initial idea of whether they would enjoy that job or not.

I’ve highlighted a few episodes below. You can check out the full library of episodes here.

  1. Learn about working in product management in tech in these interviews with PMs at LinkedIn and BetterCloud
  2. Learn about a career in consulting in these interviews with consultants at McKinsey, A.T. Kearney
  3. Learn about a career in Investment Banking in this interview with a banker at Deutsche Bank