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Shop one of a kind, completely handmade journals. As a maker, it gives me immense joy to see how my journals get used in a variety of ways by others!! 🙂 A well made journal can be such a pleasure to write/draw/paint/scribble in – I hope you’ll enjoy your unique Zen Scribbles journal! 🙂 🙂

Next to each journal listed below, you can see whether it is available or not. Payments are not yet enabled on my blog, so if you’re interested in buying any of my journals, please drop me a note at . You can also contact me here. I have shipped my journals to multiple customers in the past, and would be happy to ship one to you 🙂 [PS: If you’d rather just buy online instead of dropping a message, you can do so at my Etsy shop here]

I source leftover leather for my journals from leather goods manufacturers, to minimize the impact on the environment and use leather that’s otherwise going to go waste. I find this to be a more humane choice. Since the leather is sourced from leftovers, there might be some marks on the journal – but this just adds to the beauty of the journal in my opinion! 🙂

Almost all of my journals are bound using Italian full grain leather. If I’ve used faux leather or any other material in a journal, I’ve clearly called this out in the description.

Also – if you really like a journal but it’s not available, let me know. Perhaps I can make another one like that!! 🙂

Note: All handmade products by definition will have minor imperfections and inconsistencies. It just means that it’s handmade! 🙂 Many will disappear over time. Please enjoy your handmade journal!

Zen Scribbles Handmade Journals

Leather bound pocket field notebook – Super slim | $25 + shipping | Available

This is a super slim, Italian leather bound, field notebook that can fit right in your pocket! The notebook is inspired by field notebooks and commonplace books that became popular during the Renaissance, where people actively noted down their ideas and observations in their notebooks that they carried with them everywhere they went. Leonardo da Vinci and Charles Darwin are famous for their field notebooks!

This notebook is slim and flexible. It has 30 pages of blank acid-free paper for you to jot down your musings on. The leather is Italian full grain leather that will last you a very long time, and can handle lots of rough and tumble. It’s sourced from leftovers from a furniture designer, and so the leather has marks and folds that give it a really cool vintage-y look! 🙂

“Moonlit” Journal – Bound in full grain leather with golden paint on the cover | $69 + shipping | Available

There’s no way you can hold this journal and not feel a sense of calm 🙂 Bound in lush white full grain leather with a minimal scene hand painted on the cover, the journal is super nice to touch and so peaceful to look at. The journal is filled with 144 pages of Strathmore acid free, line free paper, and measures 4.5 inches x 6 inches. Highly recommended for a zen start to your mornings!

“A Hermit’s Life” Journal – Bound in full grain leather with golden paint on the cover – Large | $75 + shipping | Available

My inspiration for this journal is seeing a lone hermit’s hut in the fields, while on a trek in the Himalayas in India. The painting on the cover is simple, and yet it evokes the feelings of a simple life, led amidst nature.

The journal is bound in real full grain leather (black) that will develop a beautiful patina with use, and the painting is hand painted using golden leather paint. The journal is filled with 176 pages made of line free, acid free, hand torn, Strathmore paper. This journal should give you loads of joy each time you look at it and write in it! 🙂

“So Tradish” Traditional Indian Silk Journal with a hard cover – Small | $59 + shipping | Available

This is such a gorgeous journal! Made with vintage Indian silk and traditional silk thread work from southern India, the journal really stands out 🙂 The cover of the journal has a panel depicting an Indian fort that’s visible through a thick forest – all made with silk threadwork! The material is vintage and has a beautiful tactile feel to it. The journal has 176 pages of buttery cotton paper inside, and measures 4.5 inches X 5.5 inches.

“Two Souls” Journal – Bound in black faux leather with cut figurines on the cover – Medium | $75 + shipping | Available

This is a really unique and different design! It’s really up to you how you choose to perceive the two figures on the cover – are they friends? Two strangers? A couple? This journal goes beyond being a “just a journal”, with the cover giving you something to think about each time! 🙂 It measures 4.5 inches by 6 inches, and has 128 pages of acid free, line free, hand torn sketch paper for you to cover with your musings and observations. The leather is faux leather, so if you’re vegan, this should be right up your alley 🙂

“Sunny n’ Abstract” Journal – Bound in yellow full grain leather – Medium | $59 + shipping | Sold

There’s nothing like a bright yellow journal to start each morning! 🙂 When I came across this leather piece, I knew I had to use it 🙂 The color is so different and cheerful. This journal should appeal to your simple design aesthetic – it’s clad in real full grain leather that’ll develop a beautiful patina with age, it has line-free, hand torn, acid-free sketch paper on the inside that’s a delight to write on, the cover has an abstract pattern with cords ….. you know, just a little something to make your journal stand out 🙂 The journal has 144 pages on the inside and measures 4.5 inches by 6 inches. I can’t stop admiring the color of this leather!

“Red Gash” Journal – Bound in white full grain leather – Medium | $69 + shipping | Available

I have a hard time interpreting this journal….even though I made it! The cover could be interpreted as a red gash, a wound, a continuous struggle, or something else. I guess, that’s what makes abstract art unique. The journal is bound in full grain Italian white leather, and has 144 pages of acid free, line free, Strathmore sketch paper inside. It measures a convenient 4.5 inches X 6 inches. The design should appeal to those that like a simple and modern aesthetic.

Mahogany Long Stitch Binding Journal with limp cover and strap – Medium | $44 + shipping | Available

This journal is for those who would love to sketch or scribble in a rich leather journal 🙂 The leather is so soft! It’s full grain leather that will develop a beautiful patina with use. The journal is bound used medieval long stitch binding – the paper is sewn directly into the leather, and the leather cover is left limp and flexible – just like the old times! It’s super fun and tactile to use 🙂 The paper used is a thick-ish Strathmore drawing paper (80 lbs / 130 gsm). It’s perfect for using any form of media – painting, drawing, writing, charcoal, whatever you wish! There are 96 hand torn pages in this journal for you to meander on. The journal measures 6.5 inches X 5 inches.

“Color me Mauve” Faux Leather journal – Medium | $49 + shipping | Available

A fun, colorful journal for those who love colors 🙂 The journal is bound in mauve colored faux leather, with a cut pattern on the top that has been hand painted in bright hues. The journal has a very vibrant and peppy look – a perfect pick me up on a slow day! 🙂 There are 144 hand torn pages on the inside, made of acid-free, line free sketch paper, that’s lovely to write on. The end pages are colored too, keeping up with the colorful theme of the journal. The journal measures 4.5 inches by 6 inches.

“Buttoned Up” Dark Chocolate Leather journal – Small | $59 + shipping | Available

This is a cute journal! It measures 5.5 inches by 4.5 inches that makes it a nice “pocket” journal that can be easily carried in a tote or a backpack. The pattern on the cover evokes a buttoned up jacket of sorts. It’s made by punching holes in the leather and painting in the colors. The journal has 144 pages inside, made of 100% cotton paper. The journal is covered in full grain leather, that’ll develop a patina with use.

White Faux Leather Journal with Abstract Black Shapes – Medium | $99 + shipping | Sold

This is a super unique journal! It almost looks like a modern art painting. It’s bound in white faux leather, with geometric shapes hand painted with black paint. The journal has 160 pages of acid free, hand torn sketch paper, and measures 4.5 inches by 6 inches. The journal is super snug to hold, and the paper is beautiful to write/paint/draw or just scribble on. I personally love writing on this paper with a fountain pen – it makes that lovely scritchy-scratchy sound! 🙂

Mahogany Leather Bound Journal with Cords on the cover – Medium | $85 + shipping | Sold

This is a lovely leather journal, packed with 160 pages of acid-free sktech paper for you to fill up with your musings and observations! The journal is bound with full grain mahogany colored leather, that will develop a beautiful patina with use. It measures 4.5 inches by 6 inches, that fits snugly in your hands. The raised cords on the top set the journal apart from any other journal!

Dark Chocolate Leather Bound Journal with Abstract Shapes – Large | $99 + shipping | Sold

This journal is a thick 192 page journal, bound in full grain leather that will develop a beautiful patina with use! It has Strathmore acid-free, hand torn sketch paper that’ll make that scritchy-scratch sound when you write on it with a fountain pen 🙂 Super fun to use! The shapes on the cover give that personality and make the journal unique to you. This is a large journal, measuring 7 inches x 5.5 inches.

Red Leather Bound X-Large Journal | $109 + shipping | Sold

This beautifully made journal is filled with personality! It has raised cords on the cover, along with a beautiful pattern made using leather stamping, The journal is super thick, it has a hefty 256 pages of acid free sketch paper to write on. It’s bound using red veg tanned leather, that’ll develop a beautiful patina with use. If you like bold, this journal is for you! 🙂

Hard bound “So Tradish” Journal – Small | $75 + shipping | Sold

This journal is bound using traditional mirror work (called “Rajwadi” work), that’s found in the Gujarat and Rajasthan regions in India. The journal has 112 pages of parchment paper inside.