Book binding

Pink (faux) leather journal using long stitch binding

Pink leather journal

Recently, I decided to try my hands at a journal that looked a bit more fun and interesting. I’d been wanting to make a leather journal using long stitch binding for some time (similar to this journal from Sea Lemon), but decided to use faux pink leather for a bold look.

For this particular book, I was inspired by multiple sources:

  • Instead of keeping the leather cover loose like the above Sea Lemon video, I decided to make the book hardbound (following a similar process as this Nerdforge video).
  • I also decided to add detailing on the inside of the book (see image below!, similar to this Peg and Awl book.
Blue and white inner detail
I love this small little detail – I think it really helps the book “pop”!

By the way, I’ve become a total fan of Peg and Awl since first coming across their book binding video. Their products are completely handmade and they use old, vintage material for all their products – often making their products feel as if they have a bit of a background story.

Long stitch binding allows the book to lay flat on its back, making it very easy to write in, and a great option for journaling. I think it would make for a pretty fun journal to write in!

All in all, I’m pretty happy with how this journal has turned out. It’s got 7 signatures, of 4 folios each, making it good 112 page journal – great for jotting down thoughts, ideas, and observations! 🙂

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