Designing your space for creative work

We spend so much of our time working every single day. I find that it’s helpful to have a few things around me that inspire me, that spark joy in me, that pull me out of whatever random craziness might be happening that day and remind me to be thankful and grateful.

A lot has been written about how our physical environment impacts our mental and emotional well being. A recent book on this topic is Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Marie’s thesis is that tidying up our surroundings can have a huge impact on our productivity and happiness. In another instance, in one of the episodes of the Tim Ferriss podcast, he talks about how he keeps fresh flowers in his home on a daily basis, as they bring him joy.

In my own experience too, I’ve found that small details can go a long way in helping me feel more joyous and productive. Here are 5 small things that I find help me in my working space:

  1. A diary that I enjoy writing in: I take notes using pen and paper. I find that I absorb and retain things much better if I write them by hand. Since I take so many notes during the day in meetings, I try and use diaries that I actually enjoy writing in. Anyone who has read this blog knows that I’m into book binding πŸ™‚ And so I write in my own, handmade, “made by me”, leather bound journals. They’re amazing to write in, and the fact that I made them myself makes them even more enjoyable to use πŸ™‚
Handmade leather bound journal for taking notes

2. Nice bookshelf filled with books in my study: I have a wooden bookshelf in my study that I keep all my books on. I love this bookshelf! The craftsmanship that has gone into making this piece is evident. I find the bookshelf both beautiful and inspiring. Being able to see the books that I’ve read, and books that are waiting to be read, further helps create a more abundant environment for me.

My bookshelf!

3. Wooden work table: I love solid wood furniture. My work table is where I work every single day. Since it’s something I use every single day, I’ve chosen to invest in table that has a nice tactile touch, feels solid and sturdy, and is all in all a joy to work on.

4. Memories box: I keep a memories box in which I stash away anything that might serve as memories in the future – wine bottle corks, cards, pins, handwritten notes….this box is filled with esoteric stuff that gives me joy to go through every now and then.

5. Coffee: My study is right next to my kitchen at home, giving me quick and easy access to plenty of coffee all through the day. I cannot start my day without coffee and love this delicious drink πŸ™‚ For coffee enthusiasts – this podcast with Michael Pollan on the Tim Ferris show goes into the benefits of coffee (among many many other things, it’s a fun listen though!)


I think it’s helpful to think about small things that might bring you joy, and putting the effort to bringing them into your life. It’s these small things that add up and make each day that much more delightful! πŸ™‚

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