Celebrating the tactile in a digital world

Tactile” is defined as “Of, relating to, or being the sense of touch.” In a world where the majority of our time is spent interacting with digital interfaces, this post is a hat tip to the little details in the physical world. Details that help us appreciate the beauty in moments that are otherwise easy to miss.

  1. The feel of a leather bound journal in your hands, as you open it for writing your thoughts. Even better if the leather is vintage leather, filled with marks, undulations, and cracks telling their own little story.

2. The tactile touch of an old, second hand book, passed on from owner to owner, perhaps with notes and scribbles on the sides. Who knows what fascinated the previous owner? What a different experience compared to reading an e-book, convenience be damned! 🙂

3. Running in the open, with the cold air blowing against your face, winds making the trees sway on the sides. So much better than an indoor treadmill!

4. Warm sunshine on your face in the morning, as you sip your coffee and settle down to do your morning reading 🙂

5. A reassuring hug from someone you love 🙂

6. A solid wood table offering you steadfast support as you toil away on your projects, always quiet, always present.

7. Scooping out lentils using your fingers, measuring just enough for yourself and your family, while looking forward to a healthy and nutritious meal. Supplement pills are convenient, but just not the same.

8. Preparing fresh vegetables in a cast iron pan, using only simple and basic ingredients, enjoying the sounds and the sizzles!

9. Tending to a plant every single day, watering it, fertilizing it, giving it sunshine, pruning out the weeds, while taking pleasure in its health, its aroma, its looks.

10. Taking notes with pen and paper, listening to the sound of the pen running across the paper, feeling the words take shape on the paper. Digital notes have a lot of benefits, but I personally still find that taking notes by hand has the highest retentive power for me.

What tactile moments stand out for you? 🙂

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