Daily routine

Don’t wait to find the time to start and finish that task completely

Often times, you get an idea, but for whatever reason, you do not have the time to implement it in its entirety at that time. You’re busy with something else, the idea is not fully fleshed out yet, you’re not sure if its a good enough idea….there are numerous reasons as to why this happens, but the end result is that you end up procrastinating, and more often than not, that idea never sees the light of day.

In my experience, to make sure that you actually act upon an idea, it’s better to start working on it even if you’re able to only partially work on it, vs putting it off and trying to find the right time to start and finish that task completely. It is a lot easier to edit, improve and complete something that’s partially done, vs start and finish something in one go. There are of course those glorious days when we have an abundance of time on our hands, and can spend as much time as we want on our side projects. But often, this is not the case. I find that in order to have some sort of output in areas that are more of “side projects” and “hobbies”, it’s better to start now and finish later, as opposed to find the perfect time to do it all.

Case in point is blogging. I find it easier to put posts in draft mode and complete them when I get the time, as opposed to try and find the time to write them in their entirety in one go. Similarly, book binding. It’s easier to begin a project and then complete it gradually, as opposed to try and make an entire book in one sitting. While I find that making a book from scratch in one sitting is enormously delightful, my output is much lesser if I use this approach. Personally, having some level of output helps keep me engaged with that activity. If you have an ongoing project, it also activates your radar to some extent – you start noticing things that can help you in your project, that you might have ignored otherwise.

I’m a huge procrastinator. If you’re like me, not waiting to start while removing the pressure of finishing, is a really effective way to get things done.

Don’t wait to find the perfect time. Start now! 🙂

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