Book binding

How to fold corners during bookbinding

Yeah….who would have thought that folding corners would require some thinking and practice?! 🙂 But it does!!

When you make a hard bound book using case binding, you have to cover the book boards with some material – whether that’s cloth or leather or something else. And when you do this, you have to fold the covers neatly, so that it looks good and not some shabby pointy thing.

Case in point. This is the kind of corner that you want to avoid. See the sharp pointy corner that looks amateurish?

Ugly pointy corner

What you want, is a nice, roundy, corner. Something like this:

Nice roundy corner!

So how do you do this?

I’ve found this video on Youtube super helpful. The bookbinder does a great job of describing a simple technique to follow when folding book corners. All you have to do is cut a little away from the corners when cutting you cover, and then tuck the excess in, to give that nice rounded look. I’ve been trying to practice and get this technique right ever since watching this video! Hope you find it helpful too!

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