Book binding

How to add a bookmark to your DIY journal

You can make your DIY journal have its own inbuilt bookmark. Something like this, see the bookmark sticking out of the spine?

In-built bookmark in a hard bound book

Adding a bookmark is extremely easy, but you need to think about that during the design of your book so that you can add the bookmark at the right step. Here’s what you do:

What a text block looks like
  • Glue mull on to your text block (again, read bookbinding jargon 101 if you don’t know what mull is)
  • Find a thin strap to use as a bookmark for your fabric. You can use whatever you think will work for you, ideally it’s something that goes well with the cover of your book. The strap should not be wider than the width of your spine, ideally it’s just a tad thinner.
Bookmark before it is attached to the book
  • Glue about an inch of the strap to the top of the spine. It’ll look like this:
Bookmark glued to the spine of the text block
  • Leave it to dry

That’s it! You can now attach the cover of your book as before, and your DIY book will now have an in-built bookmark! šŸ™‚

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