Observations and Musings

The courage to enter a place in a foreign country

Has this happened to you? You’re traveling in a foreign country. You’re by yourself. You walk past a store or a restaurant or a cafe or something like that. And it looks interesting to you. Maybe the store is selling something you want a closer look at. Maybe the vibe in the cafe really appeals to you. Maybe the food in the restaurant looks great.

But for some reason, it is not easy for you to just “walk in”, especially when you’re by yourself. It’s so much easier to walk in when you’re with someone else, or a group of friends. But when you’re by yourself, it somehow requires a bit more courage.

Maybe this is more applicable to introverts or people who’re perhaps a bit shy. This happens to me more when I’m in a different country, where the cultural norms are different, where everything looks new and different, where you perhaps feel more vulnerable than you typically do.

If this happens to you, you’re not alone. Think of this as a confidence building exercise. Often I’ve found that once I get over my initial hesitation a few times, it becomes a lot easier. And it’s always that first step of entering a place that’s the hardest. Once you’re inside, people are usually quite warm and welcoming and you end up having a great time! 🙂

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