Idea journal

I’m now selling my journals on

Last week I spent my time putting together a vibrant mauve journal, complete with a cutout pattern at the top to give the journal a fun and playful look šŸ™‚

Handmade mauve journal

The week before, I made another journal, this time with a stark and eye-catching black and white look.

Handmade Black and White journal

And more recently, I made something that has a bit more of a traditional and rich feel to it.

Handmade Mahogany journal with limp leather cover

I’ve begun exploring making journals that have a unique and different look, that give the user a distinctive feel when using the journal. A journal is a physical product, and like any physical product, each element can produce powerful response in the user – how does it feel to touch? How does it feel to look at? How does the user feel when using it? What is the journal like to use everyday? Does the user feel great, each time she pulls out her journal? Does she feel proud to use it in front of someone else?

I’d love my journals to be a small spark of joy for those who own them. A journal can be your companion in all sorts of ways – for your musings, for your work notes, for your works of art, for your fleeting ideas, for your occasional breakthroughs. A journal that you look forward to using can make it a much more fun and pleasurable process.

I chose the name “Zen Scribbles” as I think it captures the spirit of my journals really well. I want my journals to put the user in a state of Zen, when they scribble in them. That’s of course very aspirational, but you get the idea šŸ™‚

If you’re curious to check out what’s the latest on offer, you can head over to the Zen Scribbles shop right here. I’ll be publishing a post every time there’s something new that gets added.

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