Book binding

Handmade journals that tell a story

I’ve been trying to find ways to make journals that feel a bit distinctive and personalized, perhaps with a bit of a story to tell, instead of being just a pretty journal.

Something that I’ve been exploring is designing the journal cover in a way that it’s both a cover as a well as piece of art. A journal is something that you might use on a fairly regular use, and so my thinking is that – what if the journal reflected your personality, or spoke to you in some sense?

A recent attempt at using this approach is a journal I just made, that I call the “Two Souls” journal. My inspiration for this is sort of showing two people who are on a journey together – maybe they are two strangers who met on the road? A couple going through their lives together? Perhaps long lost friends who’ve met recently. It’s open to interpretation.

The red and white figures juxtaposed against the black background makes the cover really hard to miss. It would be impossible to ignore the cover when using this journal! 🙂 If you’re interested, you can shop the journal here!.

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