“We are surrounded by a rich and fertile mystery. May we not probe it, pry into it, employ ourselves about it, a little?”

The Journal, Henry David Thoreau

When reading works such as “Walden” and “The Journal” as I am right now (both written by Henry David Thoreau), one cannot help but take notice of the world around us. Like the woodpecker that was poking around the tree near my house this morning, and provided me with ample entertainment for a long time 🙂

Isn’t it then a lovely coincidence that as I’m reading this book, tonight happens to be one of those clear nights, when the sky is clear and the moon is high in the sky, and I can see a thin white horizontal line stretching across the edge of the ocean, where the waves crash against the shore, lit by the bright moonlight? How can one not but wonder at such a sight!

Or perhaps this is not unique coincidence. Perhaps Henry David Thoreau just helped me pause and take notice.

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