Sitting with your back to warm sunshine – an under appreciated pleasure in life!

On a cold wintry morning, it requires some effort to even step out of the warm cocoon of your bed. The tiny little enclosure that you’ve made for yourself under the blanket feels like the best place in the world on a cold morning πŸ™‚

On such days, if you do manage to drag yourself out of bed and it happens to be a clear day, chances are that if you have an east facing window, warm sunshine should be streaming in through this window. And oh….isn’t it a delight to sit with your back against this window, your back getting warmed by the sunshine, sipping a warm cup of coffee while reading a good book? πŸ™‚ The sun just melts all your tension, and the contrast between the cold air and the warm sunshine makes the sunshine all the more enjoyable!

Yesterday was such a day for me. I found a local cafe nearby where I was lucky to get a seat next to the window, so that I could sit with my back to the sun instead of facing the sun. And I realized how this is one of the few under – appreciated joys in life – enjoying the delicious warmth of the sun on a cold day πŸ™‚ (atleast for me!)

Enjoying some sunshine in a cafe

Do you stop and take notice of such small pleasures in life? πŸ™‚

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