Have you recently bought a product and really liked it? Let the maker know!

If you’re like a typical customer, you buy something, and unless it’s a commodity product (eg: say toothpaste), you tend to either like what you’ve bought, some times you even love it, and the times when you don’t like it, you either return it or just make peace with what you’ve bought.

What tends to not happen most of the time, is that feedback loop to the maker, when you like or love what you’ve bought from them. When you like a product, you’re just happy that you’ve bought something amazing. You enjoy it for a while and then forget about it.

But do you know how much it would matter to the maker, if you were to tell them how much joy their product has brought to you? 🙂 To tell them how you use their product? I think most of us tend to forget about the maker, myself included. I became aware of this gap, only after becoming a maker myself! Oh how much I would like to hear from those who buy my journals. The times when they do – it’s so great to hear about how they use my product! 🙂 As a maker, it brings me immense joy to hear about my product going from “nothing” at my desk, to a real thing of value in someone else’s hands 🙂

If you’re a large business, then perhaps it doesn’t matter as much. But each and every piece of customer feedback matters so much to a small business!

If you’re reading this and you have bought something from a small business recently – let them know! Send them some good vibes, and be sure that you’ll have made their day 🙂

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