If you’re a new online store owner who’s just starting out….

….some of these might resonate with you 🙂 Note – this post does not have any pro tips or advice or hacks. It’s meant to illustrate some of the odd behavior you might come to see in yourself if you’re a new (online) store owner:

  1. You cannot stop refreshing your stats page ….. it’s been one whole minute since you last checked. Did someone visit your store?
  2. You cannot stop looking at the orders tab …. is there a new order? Please……
  3. You track each and every order that you ship…..where is it now? Has it been delivered? Was there any delay?
  4. You track when an item is added to a customer’s cart or is favorited….omg will they buy? Please!
  5. You try all kinds of permutations and combinations to get sales – discounts, ads, partnerships, title changes, description changes, shipping timeline changes…
  6. You pray that your customers will like your product – you’ve put your heart and soul into making it!
  7. You pray that not only will your customers like your product, but they will also be kind enough to leave you a review – reviews matter so much!
  8. You fret over how to package your products well (applicable if you’re selling a physical product) – what box should you use? What packaging material? What if the box gets wet?! How can you make your packaging look great without it eating too much into your margins?
  9. You become much more aware of how expensive shipping actually is – Amazon has spoilt us with free shipping. It’s expensive to offer free shipping as a small business owner!
  10. You fantasize about new kinds of products that you might offer in your store one day 🙂
  11. You treasure each new sale – omg someone actually likes what you made and wants to get it for themselves!
  12. You are tempted to reduce prices to get more sales
  13. You begin to wonder how you’ll scale your production as you get more sales
  14. You realize that there’s so much time needed not just to make your product, but to take photos, create listings descriptions, and all that work required to generate demand
  15. You realize that despite all the time and effort that’s needed to run your store, you love every minute of it 🙂

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