When was the last time you had an unplanned day?

If you’re anything like me, most of your days, whether it’s a work day or a day off or a vacation day, your days tend to have some sort of plan or structure to them. You have atleast a high level to-do list for the day, even if it’s not too granular. You have a desire to make sure that your day is productive, that you time is well spent. Even when its a day off, you want to enjoy the “right” things, in the “right” way, if you know what I’m saying 🙂 It’s sort of like “planned fun” 😀

It just so happened that a few weeks back, I fell ill and all my plans for the day fell by the wayside. I couldn’t really do much the entire day except for finding a comfortable spot at home to sit in, enjoy the sun, eat nourishing food and read.

Now this was one of those times when I was ill but not that seriously ill that I couldn’t enjoy myself at all. I just needed to give my body adequate rest more than anything else. And I guess I was pleasantly surprised by how liberating it was to not have a regimented day ahead of me. Because I was unwell, my mind was ok to take me off the hook from wanting to maximize each and every minute, and instead just letting me be. I enjoyed having all that mental noise shut off, and being ok with just enjoying the warm sun on a cold winter day, with a nice book to read.

This reminded of how it had been a while since I’d had an “unplanned” day like this. Despite a sort of “unproductive” nature of the day, I was mentally more at peace at the end of it, when I wasn’t spending a large portion of my time wanting to make sure that I was making the most of my time.

Tea and Reading on a slow day 🙂

When is the last time you’ve had a day like this?

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