Book binding

5 uses of leftover leather scraps from DIY bookbinding projects

You probably have a lot of leftover leather scraps, if you use leather for your bookbinding projects. Instead of throwing it away, here are 5 ideas of what you can do with these scraps:

[Idea 1] Repurpose to create other, smaller items: Most of your scraps will be small sized and odd shaped. Even so, scraps can be great for creating smaller items. Some ideas here are leather bookmarks, leather earrings, leather bracelets, etc.

[Idea 2] Sell scraps: There’s a market for scraps! A quick search on Etsy or Amazon will reveal plenty of shops selling just leather scraps. Remember – your “scraps” could be someone else’s supplies for their project!

[Idea 3] Create nice leather strings / wraps for your books: You might have seen books and journals that come with sort of a string that wraps around and helps close the journal. Just strings are used to package books. Why not use your scraps to create leather strings instead?

Handmade book with leather wrap (Shop)

[Idea 4] Use leather strips to create raised cords on the spines of your DIY books: Have you seen those raised cords on old and thick leather bound books that look so amazing? πŸ™‚ You can use strips from your leaftover leather scraps to create raised cords on the spines of your DIY books. Here’s a post detailing how you can do this.

Caramel journal with raised cords on spine

[Idea 5] Make Miniature books: Who said you need a lot of leather to create books? πŸ™‚ You can always try downsizing and create tiny or mini sized books, that could be easily bound using your leftover leather. I created pocket notebooks recently because of this constraint myself recently, and loved the output! πŸ™‚

Pocket notebooks created with leftover leather (Shop)

I hope this list helps you! And share your ideas for how you use your scraps in the comments below πŸ™‚

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