An ode to walking

I love walking. I can walk for hours on end, although as I’ve gotten older, I prefer walking in good shoes and the occasional break does not hurt either 🙂 I think the combination of light physical activity and being in the open, makes walking the perfect antidote to pretty much everything. Whether you’re walking among nature and trees, or in a quiet residential street or a busy market street, walking works.


Feeling stressed? Go for a walk. Being out in the open is bound to alleviate your stress.

Feeling sad? Go for a walk. The physical movement and being in the open will help you feel better.

Feeling overwhelmed? Go for a walk. Being outside will help you get some perspective and help you reason things out.

Feeling angry? Go for a walk. With all that movement and open space around you, you’re bound to calm down.

Feeling happy? Go for walk. Take it in and you’ll feel even better!

Feeling anxious? Go for a walk. Being surrounded by the hum of life and nature will help ease you out.

Feeling bored? Go for a walk. That change of location and movement will make you more receptive to things.

Feeling out of ideas? Go for a walk. The movement and change of location will help spark new ideas.

Feeling neutral? Go for a walk. Because…..why not? 🙂

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